64-Count Crayola Crayons

Do you remember using the big 64-count box of Crayola Crayons when you were a kid? I do!! Aside from swimming and 4th of July fireworks, getting a new 64-count box of sharp new crayons was one of the highlights of my childhood summer.

My cousin, Julianne, and I were the same age. It was tradition that we would visit and play together as much as possible. Routinely we spent two weeks out of the summer at one home and the other. Our parents worked out a really fun schedule that made summer extra special during those kid years.

Maybe it was the first time we had a week together, the hosting mom took Julie and I to the store where we were each allowed to pick out our VERY OWN 64-count box of crayons! (This was indeed a treat!) In addition, we could each select a coloring book. Don’t know why (other than that we were naturally competitive), but we selected the same coloring book — year after year. And so, on those rainy days, or during down time, we would spread out with our crayons and coloring books — on a mission to color each page, in order, and complete the entire coloring book by the end of the summer! (Note our OCD tendencies… Genetics we share.)

Sometimes we pulled of our grand plan. Sometimes we were a few short because we just didn’t have enough time. And as we got older, Julie and I began to question why we had set up such a competitive and all-consuming task! (I need to call Julie and ask her if she even remembers how it all got started. My memories are certainly fuzzy!)

My favorite early summer colors are spring green and periwinkle blue — a result of my childhood coloring passion! What are your favorite colors?

spring green trees

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